work with me

I love to collaborate with cultural organisations to develop and deliver arts and wellbeing programmes bespoke to their collections and communities. I train teams, deliver workshops, produce resources and consult on any culture and wellbeing topic.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or need some help talking through ideas, get in touch. I’m always happy to chat about potential work.


mindfulness in the museum training for cultural professionals.

trauma-sensitive mindfulness learn the core principles of trauma-sensitive mindfulness practice in museums

still life – mindful looking at art stand alone classes that use an artwork or object to teach mindfulness

well mindful a 6 week mental health education course for adults


audio – development of mindful audio guides bespoke to your collections

filmslow looking films to bring your objects to life

trailsmindfulness trails to encourage more people to visit your venue


Sometimes you know you want to do something around wellbeing or mindfulness with your collection but you’re not exactly sure what it is. I get it. Give me a call and we can chat.

If there is a particular area of wellbeing practice you’d like to explore or project you need some support with then get in touch. Together we can plan a session that works for you.