slow looking

what’s the rush?

A recent study found that the average amount of time people spend looking at an object in a museum is 17 seconds. And that includes reading the label!

In this workshop people are guided in looking in a slow and mindful way, paying particular attention to the formal elements in the art – colour, line, texture and form.

This technique has been shown to reduce stress and boost mood as well as enable people to create a strong connection with the object.

Slow looking sessions are varied and can be anything from 30 minutes to 2 hour workshop. Delivered online or on-site.

Get in touch for me to deliver Slow Looking at your venue.

sessions work with fine art, sculpture and installations

“Thank you again so much for a wonderful and successful session this morning. I thought what you had planned was just right for our students. They got so much out of it.”

Laura Connor, Haslingden High School session at The Whitaker art gallery and museum

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